Creation by Committee

The very best stories come about by accident, but if you don’t like accidents, then find yourself some gaming buddies. Slothjemia came about thanks to the creative efforts of many people, intrepid adventurers that helped form a gaming world and made all of this nonsense possible.

Bernie Ward was my first game master, and Steve Shogren my first fellow adventurer. Both of them were vital to my game once I took over the role as game master, and for getting me started down this route, Ruthie Jo (my beloved) would like to kick you square in your goblin giblets.

My good friends Mark Kubo, Dave Riegert, Jim Snook, Joe Lee, Scott Huston, Ken Tavarez, Mark Ferguson, and Vern Jeske were very important influences in how Slothjemia fell into place. Without their ideas and imaginative influence, we would never have had such things as the Great Treason trial and the saga of the were-pig. Such good times.

Other people that joined the quests from time to time were Geoff Barber, Kirkham Hake, Chet Tidwell, Brent Yamada, Shelly Cutting, Joanne Couperus, and Christie Burton. Other folks dropped in from time to time to see what all the laughter was about, But we were a tough group to keep up with. Late nights, and plenty of them. Slothjemia was a Mountain Dew-fueled nirvana.

To all of you that helped create this world, thank you. Unless it is universally rejected by the general public, in which case, this crap is entirely your fault.

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