Know Your Neighbors: Romillia

Sitting to the east of the Coreland, and north of the Grafdom of New Craiovia. At the time in which “An Orc for All Seasons” is set, Romillia is somewhat larger than Slothjemia but with a smaller population. It encompasses the eastern slope of the Kragalian Alps all the way from north to south, and on the far eastern side it has the natural border of the Sea of Shadows. With Slothjemia to the west and south, and the sea to the west, the only place Romillia has to deal with hostile neighbors is from the north and northeast, beyond which reside the semi-nomadic horsemen who will occasionally raid, and rarely, take and hold territory.

About a third of the population of Romillia is dwarven, and the rest is human. Relations with Slothjemia are lukewarm, but at times have been cordial. The two nations have never fought one another, the alpine mountains keeping the two naturally separated. The dwarves keep themselves, for the most part, to the mountains of western Romillia, and the humans occupy the rolling, fertile plains that cover the rest of the country.

The king of Romillia is a dwarf, whose family has ruled Romillia since the days of the last Imperium. The dwarven nobles control a majority of the wealth of the land, but some of the human aristocracy have acquired a great deal of power from what was left over. With an extensive coastline, the humans of Romillia have a long-standing naval tradition, resulting in a thriving fishing industry, and a reasonably powerful navy. The warships of Romillia are utilized in combating the pirates that range from the eastern side of the Sea of Shadows, and the corsairs of the Torkan Caliphates that are to the southeast. Trade with the city-state of Kugahloo has made Romillia a valuable middleman in the shipment of merchandise from Geldenreich and destinations beyond, to the many customers that buy goods both to the far east and south.

The dwarves of Romillia have found ways to use technology as a way of circumventing magic for many purposes. The industriousness of the humans of Romillia ties in nicely with this innovating spirit, and this has pushed Romillia into being one of the most technologically advanced nations in the known world. At the edge of the continent, however, they have had few opportunities to impress anyone.