Know Your Neighbors: Brendelasia

Brendelasia is directly to the south of Slothjemia, across the Dolonau River. To the east is the Sea of Shadows, to the southeast is the wealthy city-state of Kugahloo, to the southwest are the city-states of the Illyrian League, and to the west is the remnants of the Sikilian Confederation. It is governed by the Sultan of Brendel, a staunch believer in keeping the orcs from moving south of the river.

Brendelasia was once known as Brendel-Craiovia, and the Dolonau flowed right through the middle of the country. But an ill-fated decision on behalf of the Sultan to punish Slothjemia for a series of coordinated raids resulted in a lopsided war, and the war ended only after Slothjemia swept through the northern half of Brendel-Craiovia, and claimed it as their own. The only thing that prevented the swamp orcs and their ilk from attacking further south was their inability to quickly cross the river, which is quite wide along this portion before it opens into the sea. Nobody has figured a way to bridge the river, and the sheer width of the water prevents casual crossings.

Brendelasia has a lot of agriculture, and doesn’t have many large cities. They have a thriving trade with their southern neighbors, and by sea they have a continual connection to the Torkan Caliphates. With a thriving navy, both on the river and on the sea, the Brendelasians are more than adept at defending themselves. They are on good terms with Romillia, who used to be their neighbor, and on very bad terms with the Sikilians, who they view as evil incarnate.

Most of the nations north of Brendelasia view them as being backwards, and not as advanced in most aspects. Brendelasians don’t seem to care what anyone thinks, even less so if they are goblinoids.