Know Your Neighbors: Kugahloo

The largest city in the continent, the sprawling, heavily fortified micro-state of Kugahloo is an ancient and magnificently wealthy metropolis. It sits on the far southeastern corner of the continent, across the narrow straits where the Sea of Despair meets the Forzarrean Sea. Directly across the straits lay the Torkan Caliphates, and Kugahloo occupies the entirety of a small peninsula that protrudes off of lands occupied by Brendelasia. The combined forces of the Torkans and the Brendelasians has never enabled them to capture Kugahloo, however. This is partly due to the massive and powerful navy that Kugahloo commands, and partly due to the well-trained, and expensive, foreign mercenaries the city hires to defend the wealth accumulated within the impregnable walls surrounding Kugahloo.

The wealth of Kugahloo is due to trade, and the abundance of goods that make their way through the city by land and by sea. Merchants of the city take their share out of everything that comes through, and enjoy a finer quality of life than anywhere else in the region. It once played a close second to the capital of the Third Imperium, but since the collapse of that civilization, Kugahloo stands alone in its greatness. Cathedrals, castles, palaces, and coliseums devoted to all manner of sport are found throughout the city. Powerful traders offer patronage to artists and innovators, architects and engineers. The city boasts a fully functional system of plumbing, including running water and sewage removal.

The one thing that Kugahloo does not have is a steady and reliable source of food for its people. The merchants and the leaders of the state, however, stash all manner of food for emergency situations in designated facilities deep below the surface. Whenever the city has been threatened by powers intent on laying siege, the Kugahloon navy has been able to keep the population fed and happy. This ability to extend their will makes them a valuable partner to everyone trading with them, and also a source of envy. As long as Kugahloo has more satisfied customers than they do jealous neighbors, they’ll do just fine.