Know Your Neighbors: Geldenreich

Sages have debated for centuries as to whether or not the massive “Empire of Gold” qualifies as being a part of the same region as Slothjemia. Geldenreich touches the northwest side of Slothjemia, the area known as the Grey Alps. It curves up and around to the north to also touch Romillia, and it lies due north of the festering Sikilian Confederation. It has very little in common with any of these “southern” neighbors, and yet it has never ceased meddling in their affairs, trying its best to keep them strong enough to be a buffer to the Torkan Caliphates and their allies, but weak enough to not pose a threat to Geldenreich.

Geldenreich consists of four distinct provinces, each one of which is bigger than Slothjemia. There is also a disputed area to the east (north of Romillia) that is relatively lawless, and Geldenreich has been fighting there for generations trying to secure its eastern frontier against barbarian invaders. The further west one travels in Geldenreich, the more civilized everything becomes. The cities become more stunning and impressive, the merchants wealthier, and the farmland more productive.

Despite the power, riches, and intrigue that Geldenreich offers, it often plays a poor second to Slothjemia for the prowess of their individual adventurers. As a side note, it is a curious fact that in all of the years that people played different characters in the world in which Slothjemia exists, not once did any of them head to Geldenreich. Not even accidently. A couple of them flew over it once, but that doesn’t count. But now, through the miracle of the interwebs and this blog, folks can get to know this wonderful nation.

Spoiler: most of it smells like cheese.