Lord Groom: Keeper of the Dragons

One of the least politically powerful jobs on the Royal Bureaucratic Council, the Lord Groom has the task of taking care of any animal used to carry the Royal Family, or pull their carriages. This means the personal stable of war horses owned by the Herzgraf, and the little donkeys that the Empress uses to carry her camping gear when she goes hunting. It is easy to view the Lord Groom as just an overly glorified stable hand, but the duties they are charged with do not end with the bearers of the Royal Family.

The Lord Groom also arranges the acquisition of horses, oxen, donkeys, mules, vordgots, and dragons for the military, law enforcement, and any other Imperial office that requires such transportation. The management after the fact of these animals rests solely with the office to which they are assigned, but the Office of the Lord Groom makes sure that such creatures are procured properly. Exceptions can be made, of course, such as arranging transport for an army during wartime, but the ordinary day-to-day business of finding and buying these animals is run by the Lord Groom.

By far the highest profile job that the Lord Groom must oversee is the process by which the Imperial black dragons are subdued and controlled. Consisting of magical enchantments, surgical procedures, and physical training, this is an expensive endeavor. It is also dangerous and time-consuming, and deaths of people involved are uncommon, but hardly rare. Trying to rein in a vordgot is much more difficult, but doesn’t have the same element of panache that dragon taming offers.

There is one way by which the Lord Groom can punish people that cross them, such as nobility that resist selling their horses for a fair price. All the Lord Groom has to do is dispatch a unit of dragons in training to the offending person’s estate. While based out of those premises, the noble is tasked with feeding the gigantic flying reptiles, and their trainers. After a few weeks of this, the noble will undoubtedly run out of food to feed the dragons, and be forced to request their removal by the Office of the Lord Groom. Approval for that might hinge on the completion of a prior proposal for a horse purchase, and only then are the dragons ordered to continue their training elsewhere.