Lord Executioner; Keeper of the Axe

The only member of the Royal Bureaucratic Council to inherit their title, and pass it to their heirs, the Lord Executioner is the least likely person to ever be invited to any dinner party anywhere in the realm. The first person to wield the axe of the Lord Executioner was an adventuring companion of Manfriedreich von Slothjem, before he became king, a human warrior named Rombear. His weapon of choice was a large two-handed axe of a style known as a bardiche, so when his friend became king, he was knighted and allowed to take a surname; Bardishe. The Bardishe family has held the job of Lord Executioner ever since.

There aren’t many tasks allotted to the Lord Executioner, as one can tell from the title. The lower ranked executioners are assigned to carry out the edicts of magistrates all across the country, but the Lord Executioner has an extremely narrow mandate. There are only two people that can order the Lord Executioner to carry out a death sentence; the Lord High Magistrate, and the sovereign of Slothjemia. The Lord High Magistrate can’t issue such a command outside of the confines of their duly appointed official duties. However, the ruler of Slothjemia can issue a death sentence at any time, and for any reason. This is the proverbial “Off with their head!” scenario that is so popular in children’s literature. Rarely has this been put to use in Slothjemia, but when it has, the Lord Executioner is always on hand to quickly carry out the order.

To help the Lord Executioner do what they do as well as they do, they have an indispensable tool. The original bardiche used by Rombear Bardishe has been given a number of enchantments over the decades, and in so doing, it has become a terrifyingly powerful entity in and of itself. It has been given the moniker “Dreadbane” and has the following powers, useable by it’s wielder at will:

  1. It can be magically summoned to instantly appear in the hands of the Lord Executioner, and in the same way, dispatched to a predesignated location for safe keeping.
  2. When wielded against anyone condemned by the Slothjemian monarch to death, it will automatically behead it’s target on any attack roll greater than a natural one. Creatures not killed by such an attack are not killed, but their head is removed nonetheless.
  3. In the hands of anyone else, Dreadbane will function as a +3 bardiche with no other special abilities.

There have been instances where a person condemned to die have fled the country, and more than a few occasions that somebody was sentenced to death in absentia. This has meant that the Lord Executioner has gone on the road to bring back the head of the condemned. These are the only times that the Lord Executioner is ever away from the ruler of the land, or standing menacingly in the corner of the Lord High Magistrate’s courtroom.