Punch Your Problems in the Throat

The spiked gauntlet that the ruler of Slothjemia wears as the symbol of their authority was originally commissioned by Manfriedreich von Slothjem early in his days as an adventurer. His favorite weapon was his beloved bastard sword, and to this day it continues to be the weapon of choice for a great many Slothjemians. But his trusty back-up was the armored glove covered in sharp spikes. Faster than a sword, it allowed his tremendous physical strength to be converted into a devastating attack. His favorite saying was “punch your problems in the throat”, and that chaotic approach to handling the trials and tribulations that assailed him became something of a tradition for almost everyone that has governed Slothjemia.

The gauntlet itself is unremarkable, and shows the signs of heavy usage over almost three hundred years. It does possess a number of interesting qualities, though, and remains as a very high profile reminder of it’s bearer’s authority and the possibility of their being a violent outburst;

  1. The gauntlet has the properties of a +1 armored glove for the purposes of determining what can be affected by its attack, and the general qualities of its defenses.
  2. The gauntlet gives its wearer the same physical strength of its original owner, a score no less than 20. The bonus applies only to the hand and arm that wear the glove, and while the wearer can throw heavy items a great distance, or flip a table for dramatic effect, the real bonus is if they take a swing at somebody (or something) and pulverize their target with a single blow.
  3. The “iron gauntlet” gives its wearer the ability to “swat” away small missile weapons, such as thrown axes, javelins, spears, and daggers. Arrows and crossbow bolts can also be deflected, but larger missiles, such as a ballistae bolt or anything heaved from a catapult or bigger weapon, will simply squash the target with hilariously comical results.
  4. Only a direct descendant of Manfriedreich the First can gain the many bonuses of the “iron gauntlet.” To anyone else, the glove is merely a +1 spiked glove. But to a member of the royal family, the glove changes its size internally to fit the wearer perfectly while maintaining its outward appearance.

Traditionally, the gauntlet is only worn in two circumstances: when the ruler is holding court, and when they go into battle. It might be nearby in other situations, but is unlikely to be worn due to its size.