Selkirk’s Cellar

Travelers to the Slothjemian capital that want a truly unique dining experience should seek out the infamous underground tavern called Selkirk’s Cellar. It really is underground, too. Two levels under the surface streets of the city, deep beneath the Blue Knight Inn. Operated by dark elves, it panders to the peculiar culinary tastes of the underdark cultures. This is a great place to actually see an illithid, and while their dining habits make for stomach-churning viewing, they are usually gracious enough to entertain the inquiries of the curious, at least in small doses. More traditional fare can be found here as well, such as fish caught in the sunless rivers of the underdark, and of course mushrooms of every imaginable variety.

Selkirk’s Cellar operates as a front for the notorious “Weeping Deep”, a loose confederation of sundered underdark dwellers that now struggle to survive in the surface world. This includes heretical drow priests that fled their homes to avoid being turned into driders, illithids that were shunned by their own kind for a number of reasons, and dark creepers that do their best to be as productive as they can without an evil overlord controlling their every move. One of the innocuous activities of the Weeping Deep is their network of transportation and lodgings for those that cannot yet (and possibly never will) tolerate living in a daylight afflicted reality. With so much happening under the cover of darkness, even the most innocent of transactions can be thought to be suspicious, but the constabulary of many jurisdictions understands that sometimes folk prefer the darkness. That doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention, but they are more likely to not leap to unpleasant conclusions.

If one does find themselves in Selkirk’s Cellar, by all means take the chance to try the black wine. It is amazing. It also hits hard, and can leave a scar, so drink it in moderation.