Soap, eh? Smells Like Sorcery…

Bathing. Once the sweet, clean pastime of the ancients, taking a bath has now fallen so far out of style as to be an uncommon, if not rare, occurrence. It has been argued, persuasively one might add, that if bathing ever makes a comeback, then Slothjemia is the best place for that renaissance to take place.

It isn’t that anyone has a particular aversion to being clean, it just doesn’t enter into their imaginations to pursue hygiene as a habit worth fostering. Among the very rich it is somewhat more expected that a person would bath once a week, or maybe monthly. In the bigger cities there are public bath houses, but these are few and far between. Inside these places, a traveler can, for a small fee, partake in a soak to wash off the accumulated dirt and grime from the everyday turmoil that defines life in Slothjemia. Soap is generally used for such special occasions, but the scent left behind is a dead giveaway that you pandered to a bit of self-indulgence.

Of course, that is city life. In the country, folks actually tend to end up being naturally cleaner for living, working, and playing in and around the swamps, rivers, and creeks of the realm. Women that do laundry in these environments always end up smelling better than to city folk, and despite their reputations as foul barbaric monsters, Huntsmen are meticulous about their scents. Nobody that hunts for their livelihood can afford to reek of body odor. Then again, they also tend to smell of animal urine or worse, so that probably isn’t the best example.

A clear indicator of wealth is whether or not a person owns a bath tub. So keep that in mind if you are ever on the prowl for a spouse in Slothjemia. Them having a bath tub is a good sign that you won’t have to worry about money. You might have to worry about a good many other things, because everyone likes a good smelling person, but money isn’t going to be an issue.