Writing Update… Again

Just a heads up to everyone following this giddy little exercise in literary rambling; we are currently working on finishing up the last of the four books that feature our favorite angry, elderly orc, Grundoon. Last night there was some extensive editing of what are likely the two most crucial chapters in the series, and the addition of another chapter after that. Horrifically productive evening, considering that I was supposed to be helping decorate for Christmas and instead spent my time shuffling pawns in Slothjemia. My favorite kind of evening.

Anyway, it looks like we are well on track for the next book to begin here on January 1st. I can sense your anticipation. We promise that it will be more of a treat than colon cancer, but less of a thrill than an Alabama special election for the U.S. Senate. Bit of a range there, admittedly, but with no feedback to serve as a guide, well, I guess y’all are on your own as to how much you will enjoy the next book. We strongly suggest drinking heavily on New Year’s Eve as a prelude to diving in to Grundoon’s next adventure. But then we recommended that before taking part in an Alabama special election for the U.S. Senate, and that turned out pretty well.