You’d Think They’d Be Used to This By Now

Winter is almost always harsh in Slothjemia, with cold northern winds and heavy snowfall throughout the alpine areas of the country. In the plains it is the ice that causes the most trouble, and after eons of this weather activity, you would think that the natives would have fully acclimated to it by now. You would not be entirely correct.

In the great swamp of the Coreland, there are a number of reptilian inhabitants that will enter into brumation during the winter months. Lizardmen, urds, kobolds, and even troglodytes will retreat to the underdark, or beneath the sprawling city of Slothenburg, to ride out the worst of the weather. Such races have never enjoyed the cold, and they view snow even less favorably. Goblinoids fare considerably better, and have adapted every bit as well, if not better, that humans in the region have to such adverse conditions. The only major affliction suffered by goblinoids is snow blindness, which occurs far more often in the more photosensitive goblinoids that is does for humans and demihumans.

A common superstition of many people in Slothjemia is their belief in “snow daemons”, wretched creatures or malevolent spirits that harness the harsh winter weather to torment mortals that have not been generous enough in their appeasement of these beings. For this reason, one will often witness angry men and women shaking their fists at the sky during blizzards, screaming obscenities, and generally berating the elements themselves for this abysmal treatment. Even the influence of the Church has been unable to dissuade such practices, and should the truth be known, there are far more priests prone to cursing in the snow than there are who give thanks for the beauty of the season.

It should be no surprise, then, that Slothjemians do not value the wintery traditions of their northern neighbors. They dislike skating on ice, view skiing and recreational snowshoeing as elaborate forms of self-torture, and have a propensity for flogging anyone that expresses an interest in ice sculpture. Snowmen have always been a favorite, however, and as children playing outside are not children underfoot in the house, Slothjemian parents will embrace such things, too.