Imperial Slothjemian Navy

The smaller, and rarely noticed branch of the Slothjemian military, the Slothjemian navy has in recent years began to expand and become more and more influential. Formed in earnest under King Manfriedreich IV, the navy at first consisted of patrol craft on the Dolonau River. There had always been a presence in the waters of the swampy Coreland, but responsibility for such activities usually fell to the Rural Constabulary. While they still do most of the work, the navy now has jurisdiction on waterways outside of the Coreland.

One of Manfriedreich IV’s most ambitious projects was to launch Slothjemia into the world of spelljamming. Not entirely successful, the grand experiment to make Slothjemia a power player in wildspace had to be massively scaled back to avoid bankrupting the realm. Empress Reichsha set far more realistic goals for the space fleet, and now the Herzgraf oversees a trimmed down and professional force capable of holding its own against the handful of threats in wildspace, as well as serving as a fast and efficient means of getting military resources anywhere in the world that they might be needed. There are other, far more prominent players in wildspace that operate from this world, but Slothjemia nonetheless has a solid reputation for strength and inventiveness. Their marines are among the most well-trained and lethal soldiers to be found anywhere in the Slothjemian military, rivaling the fabled Red Guards for their ferocity and near constant deployment in battle situations. Unlike any of the Army formations, though, the marines utilize magic-users far more often.

In terrestrial affairs, namely on the Forzarrean Sea around the colony of Manfredonia, and on the Sea of Shadows off of the coast of Reichstanta, Slothjemia’s navy does what all navies do; keep merchants safe from pirates, enforce the sovereignty of the realm, and in times of conflict taking the war to the enemy and transporting Army units if necessary. One of the staunchest allies of Slothjemia is the city-state of Kugahloo, and while Slothjemia’s navy is nowhere near as massive as that of Kugahloo, it is still capable of helping out if called upon. Because their relationship hinges on sea traffic to begin with, having a good naval alliance is crucial. While Slothjemia isn’t able to be everywhere at once, such as some nations are able to do, they have a tendency to be right where they need to be at the worst possible time for their opponents.