That… is an Unnatural Odor

In the heart of Oublier is the huge city of Bozageest, the largest orc city on the surface of the continent outside of Slothjemia. Unnervingly close to Fanolania, the orcs of Oublier have concentrated all of their cunning and martial ability in the construction and defense of Bozageest. With a towering palace in the center of the city, and tall, sprawling buildings all around, Bozageest is home to an unknown number of orcs, ogres, and goblins. What is known is that the city can field upwards of 20,000 warriors if threatened, divided more or less equally into five armies that take turns roaming Oublier and raiding their neighbors.

There are formidable walls surrounding Oublier, with multiple gates and virtually impregnable towers scattered all throughout, providing powerful defenses against ground and air assault. The palace is guarded by orogs and ogres, and Bozageest boasts one of the few examples wherein shamans and witchdoctors can be found within the same society (although they scheme against each other relentlessly). With the most well-versed spellcasters any tribe of orcs could hope to muster, Bozageest is a fine example of how big a problem can grow if it is ignored long enough. None of Oublier’s neighbors are strong enough to crack open Bozageest, although there have been a few determined attempts by both Fanolania and Geldenreich in year’s past.

Like most every goblinoid city, Bozageest comes alive at night. When darkness descends, the wretched denizens of this foul, violent place spill out to do business, form raiding parties, and brawl amongst themselves. Goblins form the bottom tier of the city’s society, serving as servants for the orcs in their homes and businesses. The halfling slaves that tend the massive farms surrounding Bozageest are never allowed in the city itself, except to be bought and sold in auctions. Instead, they are rounded up at the end of their workday and herded into prison-like barns scattered around Oublier. Sometimes these are overseen by goblins and orcs, but disturbingly, many are bossed about by other halflings that have been corrupted into serving the orcs willingly in exchange for better food and nicer accommodations.

Everything that Slothjemia holds dear, Bozageest holds in utter contempt. There is probably no better reason than Bozageest for why people hate and fear orcs, and it is that stigma that Slothjemia continues to work to erase. It should not come as a surprise, then, that there isn’t a Slothjemian alive that wouldn’t leap at a chance to cause harm upon Bozageest, and liberate the Wenigzustand from Oublier’s noxious influence.