Lord Agrarian; Keeper of the Food

Not the most publicly appreciated job in the realm, nor the most glamorous, the Office of Agriculture makes sure that there is food enough to feed the nation. Focused on livestock, field and orchard crops, the Lord Agrarian makes certain that the bounty of the land is being utilized to its full potential. The agricultural reforms instituted in Geldenreich have been adapted to Slothjemia’s particular needs, and while Slothjemia doesn’t have the same resources as their neighbor to the north, they have benefitted from the theories. Rotating crops, and careful stewardship of the land, have already made a significant impact on how much food Slothjemia is able to produce.

One of the drawbacks to this is that the nobility that control the farmlands, vineyards, and orchards are no longer sovereign in what they do with their estates. Following a strict set of guidelines, designed for sustainability, the nobles are no longer able to enjoy the highs of bumper crops, but nor are they subjected to the lean harvest years. Storage facilities have made it possible to keep grains longer, and even fruit harvests are stretched to last as long as possible. There has been some fretting among the nobles that they are not really getting everything that they could get from their estates, but the Lord Agrarian has always had the support of Slothjemia’s monarchs. It is considered one of the necessary inconveniences to making Slothjemia a prosperous, modern nation.

Keeping a solid footing for food production isn’t the most romantic endeavor tackled, but it has some amazing side effects. Slothjemia doesn’t have to import basic food staples, and in fact is able to export a fair amount to the Underdark. It is also able to sustain itself in times of crisis, such as the annexation of new provinces that need to be fed but aren’t able to sustain themselves yet. Slothjemia has also been able on two occasions to send food to Kugahloo during various wars they undertook against the Torkan Caliphates. None of this would have been possible without proper planning, and that is something that not many of the nobility can ever really appreciate.