“Our Arrogance Goes Up to Eleven”

Fanolanians are often labelled as arrogant by everyone else on the continent, and among Fanolanians, they view their own paladins as the height of self-pride. As oxymoronic as this seems, the Church’s holy warriors being the most visibly conceited of the populace, there is a good reason for this perception. Fanolania’s paladins are far more powerful than their counterparts in Geldenreich, Romillia, or Slothjemia. The paladins and their men-at-arms serve as an actual army to serve the demands of the Church. These needs do not always coincide with those of the King, however. If a paladin and his small, zealous brigade show up someplace making audacious demands, it is almost always a safe bet that he is there for the Church, not for the country.

The Church has not always seen eye to eye with the King, but for the most part their disagreements lie hidden away from the public. In fact, when the Church has a dispute with the King, the King oftentimes never finds out their was an issue. In the same way, the King might maneuver against the Church’s plans, and the Archbishop of Avondace will remain clueless. The bonds that hold Fanolania together are much stronger than their occasional differences. Never has the Church taken up arms against the King.

Not yet, anyway.