Lord Minter; Keeper of the Currency

One might think of the Royal Slothjemian Mint as merely the place that new coins are made. While this is the primary job of the facility, it is by no means restricted to being just a cash factory. All sorts of things are made here, and it is the job of the Lord Minter to make sure it all runs smoothly.

In addition to making the coins that keep business rolling in Slothjemia, the Royal Mint also refurbishes old coinage. Heavily worn foreign and domestic coins that end up in the treasury are melted down and recast into new Slothjemian coins, as well. It is also the job of the Lord Minter to investigate any instances of counterfeiting that might be encountered. For this, the office of the Royal Mint has it’s own investigators, and even some agents who specialize in foreign policy that track down people outside of the Empire that are making fraudulent Slothjemian coins. The integrity of the nation’s currency is one of the top priorities of the Crown, and any threat to it’s economic stability is taken very seriously.

The Royal Mint plays another important role in Slothjemian society, and that is in the capacity of producing military awards, insignia and badges for military and constabulary personnel, and the knighthood medallions proudly worn all across the realm. Anything of importance that must be cast or formed from precious metals originates from the Royal Mint. This means that the Lord Minter must keep safely stashed many tons worth of gold, silver, electrum, platinum, and copper. Silver is readily available in Slothjemia (and serves as the de facto official metal of the realm), but accumulating other metals can be tricky business. Acquiring these raw resources takes up a good deal of the Lord Minter’s time and energy, and they are always on the lookout for new sources of these often difficult to find metals. It is little surprise that the Lord Minter keeps a close eye on what the Lord Miner’s office is doing at all times. For this reason, the Lord Minter has often been referred to as the “Crown’s Little Dragon”. Might not be that formidable, but beware their breath all the same.