The Great Prison Break

The Royal prison, Totenhelm, has seen a fair number of escapes during it’s long and colorful history. Each time there is an incident, the authorities take steps to prevent that exact kind of thing from happening again, and those incarcerated look for another means of getting out. But on one particularly memorable occasion, the escape was so audacious and spectacular that everyone was left scratching their heads in bewilderment.

Two men managed to break out at the same time, some forty years ago. One of them was the infamous dark elven archmage Selkirk Deathtree, who had a tendency to slip in and out of sanity with a random flourish. The other man was a foreign-born elf who went by the name Delbrote Zylfazzen, who had somehow managed to endear himself to Selkirk’s great-granddaughter, Charon. Charon was a powerful priestess in the drow city sits deep beneath the Slothjemian Coreland. Using her influence, and abusing her supernatural prowess, Charon and a mysterious dark elven fellow managed to breach the defenses of Totenhelm in order to free her demented great-grandfather, and for whatever reason, Delbrote, who was housed in the cell next to Selkirk.

This was by far the most impressive jail break in Slothjemian history. The decision was made to let Selkirk remain free for the time being, his mind having slipped so far in his advanced age to make his spellcraft barely register as a threat. But Charon made a name for herself, and should she ever pop up on the surface world, Slothjemia would appreciate getting a heads up. That other fellow, Delbrote, also needs to be back in prison, but in the same manner as his escape, he isn’t the primary objective.