It’s all done with Mirrors

For as long as there have been mirrors, there have been superstitions and myths surrounding them. Nowhere is this more true than in Domum, a world of magic and wonder mixed with a healthy dose of paranoia and dread. If something can be understood to be of sinister intent, it will certainly be so in Domum. A fine example of this is the widespread mistrust of mirrors.

Now, it should be noted that mirrors are found damn near everywhere. These are not as rare as books, or even unicorns, and most everyone that has tried on a hat has had a mirror close at hand to verify that they do not look ridiculous. But mirrors are still troubling things to a lot of folks. Some mirrors have been known to capture souls, for instance. This can be a terrifying aspect of hat shopping that people are unaware of. Other mirrors are portals into other worlds, or even into other planes of existence, and leaning against one is liable to send the unfortunate individual spinning headlong into a vast, unforgiving expanse of doom and fear. More likely, however, the mirror is serving as a window through which magical powers allow others to see what the mirror sees, for good or for ill. While disconcerting, this is hardly ominous. You might not wish to be spied upon but on the other hand your soul hasn’t been sucked into the void, so count your blessings.

At the height of the last Imperium’s power, there were entities so powerful that they could use mirrors, especially multiple mirrors strategically placed, to bombard the psyche of those the mirrors reflected. If enough mirrors were used, the will of the targeted person could be battered until they submitted completely to the will of the controlling entity. In this way the force of sheer mental willpower of one individual could be used to enslave another person’s very core, or even entire groups of people, into doing the will of the enslaver. This is indeed a wicked act of unspeakable evil, and while few vestiges of these “mirror traps” exist anymore, adventurers should be wary of any room that contains more than one mirror. And if there is a mirror on every single wall, closely spaced together to provide little but the illusion of being encompassed by one’s own reflection, then it is safe to assume that panic is in order.

Oh, one more thing. If you ever notice that your reflection in a mirror is anything other than perfectly smooth and exactly imitating your actions, proceed directly from panic into full-blown hysteria. Something awesomely evil, and far more powerful than you want to mess with, is fully engaged in screwing with you.