Monarch’s Updated

The former kings of Slothjemia section has been updated to include Manfriedreich IV, the father of the current Empress, Reichsha. Sometime in the not too distant future she will also be added to the list. It should be noted that virtually all of the D&D games we played in college took place during the reign of Manfriedreich IV. He was a terrific NPC (Non-Player Character) to have in the background of those games. Nobody ever knew what the crazy bastige was going to do, and his ridiculous schemes provided nearly countless hours of adventuring material for the players to react to. Spelljamming, the Craiovian War, the Dreicounty War, the hunt for Bloodpaw, the von Drakkol treason storyline, and of course, Reichsha’s premiere quest. He was a complicated character and is fondly remembered for making some of the most spectacularly poor choices.