Writing Update

Had a wee holiday yesterday so I decided to tackle proofreading book three in the Grundoon saga. It isn’t nearly as messy a trainwreck as I feared. Got all but the last twenty or so pages done before falling asleep. Not bad. Most folks are asleep after two paragraphs. Regardless, work is coming along swimmingly with getting the book polished off and ready to post.

Readers will also be thrilled (positively THRILLED, I tell you) to know that this last weekend I made it through every single blog post on this site and justified all of the margins. You don’t realize how much you produce until you have to clean it all up. There are still some lingering issues I haven’t figured out how to fix yet, such as why some posts are in a different font and size, but I do have an advantage: only I know about these. This is one of the perks of writing a lot of stuff that hardly anyone reads. Sure it’s disturbing to have things not quite right. But nobody is really paying any attention.

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