All good edits must come to an end

Thanks to a deliciously calm and placid weekend, I was able to finish proof-reading books three and four in the Grundoon saga. I caught a few goofs that had slipped through in my original writing and even found a couple of continuity errors. But whenever I find these things I am reminded of a book sitting on my shelf here at home. It is a heavily illustrated and uncharacteristically brief Stephen King story called “Cycle of the Werewolf.” For those not familiar with it, this is the basis for the movie “Silver Bullet”, possessing one of the finest Gary Busey roles to be had prior to whatever level of insanity he has currently slipped into. It also stars Corey Haim, but I have veered wildly off topic. In the book, there is a chapter in which a character is described as driving along in his pick-up truck, and the brand is mentioned. Later in the same chapter, and without having changed vehicles, the brand of the pick-up changes. Easily one of the most glaring errors in editing that I have ever run across. So accidents happen in writing and editing. The key I suppose is trying to contain them whenever possible. And while I might not have caught every error in my books, I can at least point to those I did catch. Except that I caught them, and they aren’t there anymore. But you get the point.