A little Gnome goes a loooong ways

The chaotic and irresistibly festive land of Chute de l’Ombre has it’s fair share of oddball people. Nothing less can be expected from a place so heavily populated by gnomes. But every so often a gnome sets themselves apart by virtue of their personality, reckless behavior, or a combination of both. Such is the case of Maximillian Gelbrecht “Fiddles” Fiddlebeam of La Roche. A dangerous combination of tinkerer, cleric, and explosives enthusiast, Fiddles is the embodiment of his favorite song; “a danger to myself and others.”

The Fiddlebeam family in La Roche has always been known for their craftsmanship. Most of them have established themselves as the creators of fine musical instruments, with a few that have branched into making cuckoo clocks. Fiddles is one of the latter kind, having a lifelong adoration of gears, pulleys, and intricate mechanical workings. But he was also drawn to a life in the clergy, his curiosity and gregarious personality making him a fine fit for a career in the Church. Fiddles took his ecclesiastical calling with him as he joined the La Roche town militia, and had a successful stint as a chaplain. Chute de l’Ombre is surrounded by enemies, and even the most inept of volunteers will have the chance to prove themselves in battle. Fiddles was given basic training as a chasseur, and armed with a caliver he quickly became renowned for his spiritual leadership, fearlessness with using firearms, and an almost reckless love for smashing opponents with bludgeons.

Making a name for himself was easy, and Fiddles soon was summoned to serve in the Marquis’ more advanced military unit, the Bulwark Brigade. With better armor and a heftier shield, Fiddles became even more of a threat to everyone around him. He added some modifications to his caliver, including an expandable spyglass sight, safety goggles for in case the weapon backfires (which it does with alarming frequency), and a music box that plays “pop goes the weasel” to set the mood for battle. The quintessential gnome in most every respect, Fiddles is headed for adventure. A wise person would do well to stay clear.