A King says Farewell

The ruler of Fanolania, King Carloman, has finally given in to his elven spiritual urges, and is readying for his last journey on this world. This is by far the most notable elf to seek transport to the great hereafter, and it is being followed closely by everyone that lives along the king’s final route. A time of sad celebration as the new ruler steps up to fill his father’s leadership role and the only king Fanolania has ever known goes quietly to the Haven of Angels. This has been an eventful time for the land, seeing changes both long-desired and never dreamt of. What an age to be alive.

Of course there are innumerable questions that persist in perplexing the elite of Fanolania. Will there be much change under a new king, or will life continue as it has for a millennium? The most concerned with this fast-approaching and surprisingly unforeseen upset in the status quo is the Fanolanian Church, which while in theory is closely allied to the throne, nevertheless has had a number of disputes with the King regarding various issues. Can the church, primarily run by human bishops and archbishops, find a pathway forward with a new elven king? What might the new monarch decide to do that the old ruler hadn’t?

In the midst of all of this, a nation in mourning must now hasten to bid their beloved lord a fond farewell. Perhaps other elves in their advanced age will take this opportunity to travel with the king into the hereafter. Certainly all of his subjects along the road to the harbor will turn out to see Carloman off. So many unknowns. Alas, what an age to be alive.