That Worked Really Well!

For the first time ever there was a successful switch between Game Masters in what essentially is the same game world in a game I was a part of. What made it the most awesome was that we kept our own characters, and the respective Game Masters didn’t have to relinquish control over the NPCs and places that they created. It was a brilliantly simple solution too, so I thought it would be a grand idea to share it here in case any other Game Masters want to borrow the notion.

I need to start off by stating up front that I did not come up with this idea. The other Game Master who took over the game for the last couple of months took something already established in the game world and modified it somewhat. The something in the world is an enchanted door that can be used to allow access to places in other planes of existence. The other Game Master created an alternate dimension to the one in the game world, and the door allowed the players to travel easily from one to the other, keeping their gear and essential skills intact while going swiftly to another game world to explore and conquer. It was brilliant. Things were similar enough to not throw the players into a panic, yet different enough to let the new Game Master to exercise his full creativity.

Such a device made the hop from one Game Master to another a breeze, and even allows us to add more people into the Game Master pool so that we can do it again and again. With any luck at all we’ll have a third and perhaps a fourth Game Master to add to the rotation. This keeps the players on their toes and allows everyone a shot to play. Highly recommended approach. Also highly advised to restrict the use of the planar/dimensional door so that the players can’t just willy-nilly run from one world to the next. Too easy to dodge powerful enemies that way. And Game Masters love to keep players in line with such enemies. So be careful of that.