Pearls of Githarm

For centuries scholars and sages have puzzled over the occurrences of strange roses that spring up instantly, blossom, and then wither into nothing just as quickly. Inside the blooming rose is a pearl of perfect quality that has a more iridescent tone than a normal pearl would have. The arrival of these pearls is a haphazard thing and as such nobody has successfully sought them out as a task in and of itself. Instead they seem to appear only when great evil has been defeated. Those seeking these pearls therefore need to be on hand when something truly epic occurs and as such events are the purview of only the most heroic (or ill-placed) individuals these folks tend to be the ones that encounter the roses and have a chance to quickly grab a pearl.

No examples exist of the curious roses, but they have been called the Roses of Githarm in recognition of where they first appeared. The pearls are likewise named and savvy collectors have tried ever since their first appearance to accumulate more and understand what it is about these stones that gives them their valuable qualities. In addition to their value as gems they also have a tremendous value to those interested in mystical research. None have yet publicly determined what these pearls are capable of, but there are rumors that they are integral to the operation of some powerful relics and artifacts. Whoever has succeeded in unlocking their power has kept the secret to themselves. In the meantime there is some comfort to be had that whether or not one gets a pearl from the rose the mere appearance of the roses indicates that a victory has been won.