Notable NPCs; Yeitic Morte

Arguably the creepiest fellow in the whole of Mort-Vivant (a stunning declaration by any estimate) the curious sorceror Yeitic Morte has a baffling connection to death and that which lies beyond. While not formally trained in the ways of spellcraft he is nevertheless a formidable mage. His interest in Necromancy has only fueled fearful anecdotes surrounding him and given his growing legacy a sinister tint.

Rumored to be living in the ruins of Hainut, Yeitic can also be encountered in the town of Charleroi when he does his monthly provisioning. His gold is gladly accepted by local merchants but otherwise folks give the necromancer a wide berth. Yeitic is said to be something akin to immortal having survived one fatal mishap after another in incidents going back to his infancy. Three times Yeitic was actually buried only to have dug himself out from the grave. There is no indication that Yeitic is undead, but the stigma surrounding him is nearly as potent as if he was.

Anyone seeking knowledge about death and related matters should seek out Yeitic. While he might not be the most charismatic fellow in the world he knows things that will keep adventurers alive, or at least keep them fresh until they can be resurrected.