The Elf with No Name

Even in a place as dangerous as the Wenigzustand there are legends that stand out more than others. Adventurers and villains whose names alone can tell a hundred tales of intrigue, martial prowess, and danger. Even more so when the person in question hasn’t got a name at all.

Whispers have abounded across Partum, but particularly in the “Little States” about an elven archer so skilled and so deadly that he has never been identified beyond being known as “the elf with no name.” Master of forest movement and stealth he has also made a number of high-profile appearances in the most crowded cities in the continent. Using his bow with unnerving accuracy the elf with no name has killed monarchs, nobles, business men and anyone else that stood in the way of his targets. His services don’t come cheaply and the elf with no name is reputed to have raked in thousands of gold coins for just one job. Such a dangerous assassin needed to maintain his privacy and in this regard the mysterious elven archer more than accomplished that.

A mystery almost bigger than the elf’s identity is whatever became of him. Reports of his activities ceased almost twenty years ago although there is no evidence to suggest he met a foul end or was finally dealt a just and lawful fate. He simply stopped his nefarious work. Discreet inquiries have revealed nothing from those that reportedly knew of this deadly fellow or at least how to contact him. It is as if he dropped off of the planet. This has given rise to two rival theories on his fate; he heeded the call to Arborea and left this plane of existence, or else he ran afoul of the even more treacherous and mysterious assassin known as “the Sickle.” Whatever the truth turns out to be it remains to be dealt with that people who need to deal with a powerful foe are no longer able to purchase the services of the most dangerous archer Partum has ever seen.