Enter the Wood Witch

While it is true that a female Archer Lord is rare, even in shadow elven societies, that does not mean that the ladies don’t play a vital role in the archery that forms the basis of most shadow elf communities. As it happens men are frightfully horrible at procuring the resources needed to make the exemplary bows and arrows used by the Archer Lords. For this task there is a special sort of talent needed. A green thumb to make the strongest and straightest trees and branches. To this end one must have on hand a Wood Witch. Not actually a druid, a Wood Witch is a dedicated para-elemental expert who specializes in plant life.

Only female characters can become Wood Witches and there has never been a documented case of there having been a male in this profession. Primarily a Wood Witch will only be encountered as a “Non-Player Character” due to their obvious weakness in combat or spellcraft beyond manipulating and communicating with plants. Many female shadow elves choose this life. They will not tend to keep well-ordered groves but rather focus their energy on making wild trees and shrubs straighter and more perfect for their intended uses. This will allow the Wood Witches to make arrows out of materials not normally used for bows, bolts, or arrows. Such materials might contain properties that Archer Lords find advantageous to certain circumstances.

There is also a tendency for Wood Witches to be herbalists, healers, and other professions beyond having anything to do with archery. They are typically inclined to use only wooden weapons and tend to disdain any tools or ornamentation that is made from any metal. In many respects and in most cases they are mistaken for druids, but in reality they are nothing like the pagan priests they so closely resemble. Wood Witches need not necessarily belong to any particular faith. Their sole spiritual connection is with the plants and trees that surround them. Wood Witches are not found just in the wilderness, though. In towns and cities where they have taken up residence they will keep all manner of plants close by. They might even be employed as gardeners and groundskeepers for those willing and able to afford the Wood Witch’s expertise.