The Order of Exalted Allies

Slothjemia has infrequent need of outside help to overcome some of its more dangerous enemies and obstacles, but when such an occurrence takes place it is a time worth noting. Those folks that lend a hand to the pocket empire are thereafter viewed most favorably, almost as fellow Slothjemians, and may even find themselves awarded an honorary knighthood; the Order of Exalted Allies.

The Order of Exalted Allies in no way confers citizenship, noble status, or a gift of land. It may or may not be accompanied by a monetary prize or some worthwhile magical item. The two things it does confer is a beautiful medallion on an elegant ribbon and bragging rights that the bearer did something marvelously risky to lend aid to a nation that is filled to the brim with exactly the kind of people that shouldn’t have required any help to begin with. “How bad were things that they needed  your help?” people in the tavern might ask. So you smile, settle back with your pint, and begin to tell the assembled masses how you fought next to some kind of half-ogre and their one-legged dark elven necromancer friend to keep a frenzied Torkan assassin band from setting fire to a chapel filled with goblin orphans. All the while people are listening to your exploits and wondering “why in the devil’s armpit were you even there to begin with?”

That is the way adventurers function. They go places they shouldn’t to find enemies they ought to avoid in order to help those that probably had it coming. For instance if the Council of Schönbrunn comes to you and suggests you go and kill the Ash King so that Slothjemia can invade Vincaskilia with greater ease you might respond with “Yeah, ok, no. They don’t need the help and besides all of that Ash King. No. Just no.” Not a soul would blame you for turning down that particular suicide mission. But if you take the job on, and come even remotely close to succeeding, you might just earn a membership in the Order of Exalted Allies. It makes for a terrific story. And that is how Slothjemia rolls. Want to hear a great story? We do that. All of the time.