The Warped Realm

Rumours of another dimension that eerily mirrors that of our native realm, but showing it in a state of ruin and decay, have persisted for hundreds of years. Indeed a multiverse wherein there exists a multitude of planes and quasi-planes is ripe for such speculation. Dubbed by some scholars as “the Warped Realm” it is the sort of thing normally reserved for nightmares. Cities are shown in rubble, spectres and phantasms repeatedly perform the last actions of once living souls, and all is shrouded in darkness and despair. A tormented if accurate rendering of Huntsville, Texas. Terrifying. Awful. Not good.

But how this realm came to be is just one of the mysteries behind the Warped Realm. Who or what controls it? How big is it really? Can the living survive there long term, or are there limits to what can be accomplished? Are these ghouls on meth or are they just ordinary Huntsville citizens?

As our friends the Troublemakers begin stumbling about in the Warped Realm (they haven’t reached it yet but they are fixin to, unbeknownst to them) more data will no doubt be ignored with the characteristically happy-go-slappy attitude that they revel in. One thing for certain will be discovered, though. A vital truth will be revealed behind that all important question on everyone’s mind: how do poptarts work?