Grizzilla; the Alpha Female

The oldest of the black dragons that serve in Slothjemia’s dragonriders is Grizzilla. She is the personal mount of the Herzgraf, and carries him, his squire, and seven other highly trained members of the Phantom Legion wherever it is that the Herzgraf needs to go in Slothjemia. The three next eldest dragons in the Guards are her kin, and all of the dragons that fit in the age category of “mature adult” are her offspring. Easily the biggest of the dragons in Slothjemia’s arsenal Grizzilla is both stubborn and yet oddly gentle most of the time. When riled she can be ruthlessly destructive and she always delights in being given the orders to attack.

Grizzilla’s body is seventy-eight feet long and her tail is sixty-four feet long. Her wingspread is just over eighty feet and the thickness of her scales makes her invulnerable to normal missile fire. She has a number of enchanted elements in her saddles and barding that give her even more protection against spells and larger missile weapons such as ballistae and catapults. Even though she hasn’t got the same desire for a treasure trove that non-altered dragons possess she nonetheless has a great pile of shiny rocks and copper coins in her stable at Jordrakenschloss that she enjoys burrowing into and sleeping upon.

There is a special bond between all dragons and their riders but Grizzilla is even more precious to everyone in the dragon stables. She has been the royal mount for kings since the beginning of Slothjemia as a nation. She has been in every major battle of the last two-hundred and fifty years. She is rumored to be the dragon depicted on the Imperial Slothjemian coat of arms. It is highly unlikely that she will ever again be thrust into the heart of a battle due to her special status, but then again who knows what the Herzgraf might get himself into. For the foreseeable future Grizzilla is the Alpha Female and it would take quite a struggle to change that.