“The First Decree”; a Tavern fit for a King

Handily the most popular tavern in Slothenburg (and for that matter anyplace in the Coreland) the First Decree started out as a relatively small operation in the heart of the sprawling city. Over the years it has grown and now occupies six adjoining buildings which makes its footprint an entire city block. There are three stories of tavern space (two above the wooden boardwalk and one below in the under city) plus two floors of apartments above and two floors of storage below. A tavern this size has a huge mix of clientele as one might imagine, and the bars have only ever been closed for important events like a royal funeral.

The tavern is divided into three distinctly different taverns. The level that sits in the under city is kept darker to suit the people that prefer dwelling in darkness. The first floor on the boardwalk reflects the original themes of the tavern as it was originally intended and offers a two-star experience. The floor above that has better atmosphere and sells more high-end brands of food and beverage, bumping the star rating to a three. At any time a visitor can expect all three of these levels to be busy. People do not just come the the First Decree to drink at the end of their day. A lot of folks use the landmark eatery as their base of operations. Rogues, legal experts, accountants, minor nobles, and of course adventurers all mingle here looking for the next big opportunity.

The owner of the First Decree is a wild elven woman named Alyshee Barwick. She is a niece of the original owner and the Countess Dowager, Tiffan Barwick. Alyshee has vowed to always keep the tavern in her family and to maintain its original goal of shaking up the establishment within Slothjemia whenever possible. To this end the only folks that don’t feel one hundred percent comfortable here are usually extreme tribalists and extreme nobilists. This is a tavern for the middle of the road folks and to that purpose it is extremely vital.