King Tyrol the Noble; the Last Known Wilder

In the waning days of the last Imperium as the flailing empire tried desperately to conquer new lands to stave off internal collapse the ruling powers found themselves trapped in a quagmire of endless war in the lands now known as the Wenigzustand. There were simply too many enemies to be dealt with effectively and while the Imperium couldn’t get the upper hand they at least had the benefit of having a disorganized set of unrelated enemies unable to coordinate their efforts.

All of that changed when a barbarian warrior named Tyrol stepped out of obscurity and began rallying one group after another to face the Imperium. Possessed of mystical powers as well as the strength and battle prowess of a veteran warrior, Tyrol effortlessly used magic and sword to unite giants, goblinoids, humans, elves and dwarves to focus on bringing down the Imperium’s sprawling legions. Legend has it that he was even able to bring dragons into his coalition. Hailed by formerly warring factions as being a “Wilder”, Tyrol was recognized as possessing skills no other man had ever displayed; something of a druid warrior with a dash of shamanic power and witchdoctor sorcery. One battle after another the so-called savages managed to rout the Imperium’s best troops, and uprisings began to spring up all over central Partum as the continent erupted in open conflict. Tyrol was crowned as King over these new lands and while he was never able to consolidate his power or establish a proper realm, King Tyrol the Noble left an indelible stamp on the future of a dozen minor states.

Tyrol’s rise to fame was quick and he didn’t stay on the stage in the spotlight for long. After the Imperium began to collapse from the inside and the invaders such as Tyrol’s united armies began to loot and pillage the edges before pushing into the heart of the Imperium itself for even greater spoils, Tyrol began to feel more and more restless. As if his job was at an end and his role was no longer required Tyrol began take less and less interest in the goings on of his allies. More and more the alliance began to fail and the united parties focused on their own interests. With the Imperium no longer an influence in their affairs the former allies turned to fighting one another as they had in the old days. King Tyrol was ambushed outside his castle by a motley band of mutineers and was slain. His body was hacked to pieces and his personal loot stolen and never recovered. All told Tyrol existed in history for less than twenty years, and his origin was never discovered.

Since the demise of Tyrol there has been a lot of speculation by sages, prophets, and soothsayers that in a time of great need another “Wilder” will be found to once again unite the warring factions of the Wenigzustand and lead them against some greater threat. What that threat could possibly be, or how the Wilder even does what they do in relation to spellcraft and swordplay has never been defined. Certainly there must be more treacherous things afoot than mortal men even now contemplate.