Notable NPCs; Shr Grogdahl of the Phantom Legion & League of Shadows

Typical of the aspirations of any jorish huntsman is Shr Grogdahl. One of the most infamous of the swamp orc assassins to have ever stalked the Coreland, Grogdahl has spent years honing his abilities and building his reputation. The course his life took is a fine example of how even the most nefarious of people can find favor in the eyes of the Slothjemian power elite regardless of their status and standing upon birth.

Grogdahl was born in the swamps of the Coreland in the under city of Slothenburg. Like many goblinoid children he spent a great deal of time fending for himself and it was due to this that he began to pick up on the sinister skills of the huntsmen. He divided his time between lurking in the under city and roaming the swampy jungles searching for chances to improve his abilities. He started work with the Torkezahn crime family, a group of mostly jorish thugs and assassins that did a lot of work for people in neighboring countries that could afford to hire their services. It was in this capacity that Grogdahl first travelled beyond Slothjemia to exercise his craft. While on one of these assignments he caught the eye of the Office of Exterior Investigations who are continually on the lookout for talented people that can do the occasional dirty deed on behalf of Queen and empire.

For a few years thereafter Grogdahl worked exclusively for Slothjemia as an exterior investigator. He proved himself adept at getting into sensitive areas to gather information and equally able to fight his way out if discovered. Rumors persist that Grogdahl left his mark in a number of high-profile slayings that helped cripple the enemies of Slothjemia and their ability to threaten the empire of the goblinoids. Despite his questionable methods Grogdahl managed to make a name for himself as the kind of fellow that got results, and his loyalty was unshakeable. For his many exploits in the service of the Queen he was awarded the Knighthood of the League of Shadows.

It would seem that his career had gone as far as it could, and while still young Grogdahl was looking at retiring and moving back into what he sneeringly refers to as “private practice.” Even the Torkezahn family wasn’t able to afford his skills now, and that meant he would have to be his own boss and watch his own back. But then there was a change in his life’s direction. The youngest son of Queen Reichsha and the Herzgraf was a roguish fellow that had a habit of frustrating his assigned bodyguards to the point that none of them wanted to stick around for more than a few weeks. After a lengthy process and a couple of private interviews with both the Queen and the Herzgraf, Grogdahl was made a knight of the Phantom Legion and given the otherwise unwelcome job of making sure that Prince Bortimer didn’t get into more trouble than he could flee from. This was hardly a plum assignment for a man accustomed to violence and fast-paced action, but nevertheless Grogdahl took the assignment and has stuck with it.

It would be inaccurate to suggest that Shr Grogdahl hates his job. As fate would have it, he and Bortimer, also known throughout Slothenburg as the Prince of Rogues, hit it off and are the best of friends. Bortimer has the best of all possible sidekicks in the stoic and outwardly appearing humorless swamp orc. Both men are relentless jokesters and delight in making each other look silly or frivolous. Grogdahl’s own reputation makes him a force worth reckoning with under any circumstances, even more so when he is hanging out with the only member of the Royal Family that has been known to pick the pockets of his own parents and their distinguished guests. While still a simmering cauldron of evil just waiting to boil over, Grogdahl has in Bortimer a person that understands his nature and is able to keep it focused on not snapping people in half that he finds annoying. While not as warmly received by everyone in the capital as he is with Bortimer, the fact that Bortimer adores his friend is enough to keep the jor in the good graces of those with more power and virtue than he possesses.

For the purposes of what powers Grogdahl might have he should be considered to be a fifteenth level huntsman. This makes him dangerous and noteworthy due to the fact few huntsmen make it this far in life before they are hunted down by vengeful enemies and accordingly dealt with. Why this has thus far not happened to Grogdahl may be attributed to his relationship with Bortimer who has a reputation himself of pulling strings to keep safe those he values. As if Grogdahl wasn’t capable of defending himself he has a powerful buddy that can insure he isn’t harassed. Not sure who exactly is the bodyguard in this scenario, to be honest.