The Deklatines

Among the curious folk one might encounter in the southern portions of Partum are the Deklatines. Not exactly a separate race of humans as much as they are a theologically distinct group of people genetically similar to many other groups that originated in the western portion of the continent of Tantam, the Deklatines were once a proud and powerful people. No longer possessing their own nation, Deklatines now are forced to live under the rule of monarchs and tyrants they despise as being heretical to the core beliefs of the Deklatines. People from Partum almost universally look down on the Deklatines in turn, viewing them as a backwards people.

The theological differences between Deklatines and the rest of Partum are quite stark and easily defined, but there really isn’t any reason to let these differences get in the way of common courtesy. Everyone worships on the same day, and scholars on both sides admit they serve the same God. The differences are in what and how the faithful express their devotion, and what they find as sacred. Deklatines refuse to accept the legitimacy of about half of the sacred writings that the churches in Partum hold as the pillars for their faith. These churches in turn view Deklatine beliefs as based purely on tradition and not on the portion of the writings that both take as canon. Frictions inevitably arise with both accusing the other of harboring witches and fiends. From there things break down relatively quickly.

During the rule of the last Imperium there was a tacit acceptance among most in southern Partum that as weird as the Deklatines were there was still a place for them in society. Deklatines were relegated to roles that the Holy Imperium Church had decreed as being “off limits” to true believers; physicians, money lenders, and in some cases legal scholars. If an ordinary person was discouraged from taking a job due to church disapproval then the task would naturally fall on somebody from the local Deklatine community to fulfill.

There are still a good many places that the Deklatines have not settled in Partum. Whether due to being kept out by the various rulers or by virtue of having not had the chance to head elsewhere there are opportunities out there to be had. Aside from whatever prejudices one might hold the Deklatines are a dedicated and hard working people. Plus you may never find anyone better at building a golem.