Slothjemian Spelljammers; Wyrm-class Battleship

The biggest and most devastating of the Slothjemian original designs for their spelljamming fleet is the 100-ton Wyrm-class battleship. This is the second generation of heavy warships that the Slothjemians put into use in wildspace. The first were even bigger and more difficult to handle and as a result fell victim to the more experienced opponents that they encountered. But the Slothjemians learned some valuable lessons from these first disastrous battles and set about to refine their approach. The Wyrm-class ships can more than hold their own in a fight against just about anyone and as the flagships for all Slothjemian spelljamming fleets they never set out alone. If you see one there is going to be at least a frigate right behind it to back it up.

On the lowest deck of the Wyrm-class ships is the brig (1) right at the front. Guarding this area are two barracks for marine guards (2 and 3). Marine noncommissioned officers have quarters nearby (4) as do marine officers (5). In the center of this deck is the area for general storage (8) which might include materials being taken under heavy guard to far-flung locations. Along the starboard side of the ship are separate rooms (6, 9, and 11) for more cargo with identical rooms on the port side as well (7, 10, and 12). Twin armories (13 and 14) keep small weapons secured. Because these vessels are sometimes called upon to transport dignitaries both foreign and domestic there are a number of multi-purpose cabins that can be used as storage or staterooms (15 through 21).

Wyrm Class

On the gun deck can be found the quarters for the artillery officers (22), non-commissioned artillery officers (23 and 24), and the medium cannon (26) around which the artillery crews bunk on the decks or in hammocks. There are two powder magazines here (25 and 28) for the cannon. In the center of the gun deck are the cargo doors (27) which allow freight to be moved from the main deck down to the cargo hold. Aft of the powder magazines are cabins (29 through 35) that serve as general crew quarters.

On the forward battle deck (36) is mounted a medium catapult. Behind this is the forecastle structure (37) that houses two heavy cannon mounted to attack enemies in front of the ship. The back portion of the forecastle houses the galley (38). The main deck (39) has a row of light cannon along both sides. If a Wyrm-class is required to travel great distances these weapons will often be removed or simply not manned to allow the vessel to make its air last longer. The bridge (40) is where the helm is mounted and unlike the Drake-class corvettes and Dragon-class frigates there are no large windows here. This is to make the bridge as secure as possible from damage in a firefight. The captain’s cabin (43) is at the rear of the deck which they share with two light cannon for use in battle. There is a navigation and chart room (41) and a cabin that both helmsmen use (42).

On the top of the forward portion of the forecastle (44) are mounted two medium ballistae. The crew for the weapons in this upper part of the forecastle have a cabin (45) that extends up in the forecastle to a top deck (50) where another medium ballistae is mounted. In the stern castle is a command room (46) right above the bridge where officers can plot tactics and strategies. Other officers have their cabins (48, and 49) in this area as well. The ballistae crew for the stern castle weapons have a cabin (47) here and above this is the stern castle deck (51) where there are three more medium ballistae mounted.

On the topmost forecastle deck and the stern castle deck are two “dragon wing” sails mounted such that they stick straight up. The one forward stands about 70′ tall fully extended and the aft stands about 100′ fully extended. Smaller “dragon wing” sails are mounted on either side of and below the forecastle structure under the gun deck. Each of these measures around 70′ long fully extended and hang down at an angle to provide clear fields of fire for the cannon above. To the rear of the ship and in line with the forward sails are mounted larger “dragon wing” sails that measure about 120′ long fully extended. Like all Slothjemian designed ships these wings retract fully to allow the ship to land in large bodies of water. Even with the aid of these many sails the Wyrm-class is so confounded heavy and awkward that it has a maneuverability rating of “E”.

While there are not many of the Wyrm-class ships in service they have more than made their mark in wildspace. In fact the sheer power of these vessels was instrumental in convincing the High Elven Fleet that the Slothjemians would make better allies than enemies. Because these massive Slothjemian ships are in most regards more formidable than anything the elves can deploy they are often called upon to serve as transports for important elves and their other allies.