The Royal Academy of Arcane Studies

Located in the heart of the last remaining elven glade in the Slothjemian Coreland in the town of Moonton (known by the jors as Moontonburg) is the Royal Academy of Arcane Studies. This small college dedicates itself to advancing general magick use. While not as formidable as some of the institutions that can be found in the great cities of Geldenreich and Fanolania it has nevertheless earned a reputation for quality. The one thing that cannot be learned here is anything that originates in the necromantic sphere.

The instructors are all elven and are as a result mostly general mages due to the fact that elves cannot become specialists in any schools of magic other than enchantment/charm and divination. They are able to instruct pupils all the way up to casting fifth level spells and the school library has the resources to allow researching of spells up to ninth level. Specialists in enchantment/charm and divination can learn spells up to seventh level. Costs for tuition vary according to skill level although these fees may be waived by the Queen. In order to even gain admission to the academy applicants must have one of the following things: a royal appointment, a letter of recommendation from an established mage or alumni of the academy, or a letter of recommendation from a noble patron.

There is not a huge student body at the Royal Academy of Arcane Studies because frightfully few people have any real talent for magic and among those that do a fair number go their entire lives without ever finding out about it. Graduates of the academy tend to become active in roles not associated with military service (these tend to attend the College of Magicks in Jaggerholmschloss). They might end up in law enforcement, as adventurers, or become teachers themselves. Whatever they end up doing they will have a healthy appreciation for elven life and a working knowledge of spellcraft they might never have had access to.