Anybody Know the Plot? Dave, You’ve got the Fancy Hat, Any Idea What the Hell is Going on?

After every game session I can almost hear the frustration in my poor players. My habit of making the campaigns ridiculously complicated with numerous plot lines and schemes doesn’t do well unless the players pool their information to try and figure out what the various threads are and where they are attached. Then to make things worse one of them might say something like “I ask this local villager if they know about any threats in the area.” And here comes another plot line! I imagine that this is almost painful to the players.

For me, however, it is the most fun I can have. Literally. There isn’t anything more fun than these folks trying to figure out how to solve a problem or how to avoid their choices becoming a problem. Meanwhile they work to untangle the plots and figure out which one they are working on and what the ramifications are for their failure or success. And yowza do they ever have some plots going.

First there is the matter of a bunch of orcs to deal with. Talking about sixteen-thousand warriors strong. Whole bunch of orcs. Then there is a wedding coming up, with the ominous threat of an undead green dragon crashing the reception. That ought to be more fun than karaoke. Today they found a small green dragon they could tackle, or some sort of half-man half-bull that rampages around in a forest not far off (that disabled two of their NPCs in one blow). They heard of rumblings of war in Forkanza, there is a potentially evil Archbishop, a beautiful woman of mystery, and someplace a lich with a fondness for green that is still running amok. There is a prophecy about a god ascending, three queens rising up to conquer the world, and an ominous forecast of worse things to come. And that is just the stuff they talked about  today.

Other loose ends flapping around include an enigmatic female assassin, the Fallen Knights of Lotharingia, the Diosian Lodge reinventing itself, a painting that keeps changing its appearance, and a half dozen other things that the players haven’t even found out about yet. Just where the heck is this story headed?

That is entirely up to the players. I’m just here to answer the questions they never get around to asking.