An End to the Writing. For Now.

Next week will signal the final chapter in “The Gopher King” and that in turn will bring about a close to the weekly literary updates in my “nerd fiction.” More and more of my time is being consumed with working on the detailed minutiae of the Dungeons & Dragons campaign and I have found less and less incentive to devote large blocks of energy to delving deeply into one or another story ideas. Which isn’t to say there aren’t story ideas aplenty. Quite the contrary I’m afraid. Picking a place to start has been a major hindrance in itself.

I suspect that there will be time again todo more writing. Even as I write this blog entry the state I live in continues to accelerate into ever more dangerous pandemic territory with the odds of another wholesale shutdown seeming increasingly likely. Having competent leadership at the federal level will no doubt help speed that along as America continues to futz about insisting that our need to sit down inside a Hooters restaurant outweighs our duty to protect ourselves and each other from a viral plague. Short of that happening there is always the possibility I might take a few days off and spend them cobbling together a tale worthy of being foisted upon my gentle readers. One just never knows.

Whichever way the wind blows it will be quite some time before I begin scheduling posts again. In the meanwhile enjoy perusing the occasional missives for aspiring or veteran Game Masters to help them improve their own games or just give them ideas that they might steal and put to use in their campaigns. As always, enjoy the life you are given and keep rolling twenties. Unless you need to roll low. In which case cheat.