Return of the Who’s Who

Some observant visitors to this site had noticed that the “Who’s Who” section went missing. This is due largely to the good folks over at WordPress who decided in their infinite wisdom that everything new is better than anything old. With the introduction of this asinine “block” editor it has become nigh unto impossible to wrench this blog to resemble anything visually appealing to me. That is a round-about way of saying the bastiges took away the “justify” option for individual pages. So everything on the new “Who’s Who” page looks all out of whack and jumbled because the sides don’t line up nicely. This was ostensibly done to appeal to mobile users that have tiny screens and objected to how justified alignment might look in such itty bitty spaces. To these detractors I can only say “suck it.” I like my paragraphs the same way I like my women; full bodied and pushed to the edges.

Unfortunately this isn’t an option anymore on the “Who’s Who” page or any other individual page for that matter. The resulting mess is visually distressing to me, but the information is important to my players and might be useful for any aspiring Game Masters therefore it is presented in the allowable “random effing chaos on the right” format. We here at Slothjemian Tales hope it distresses you too because misery loves company.