A Golden Opportunity

The town of Resurrection is not what one would characterize as a romantic place, and yet this simple provincial city has seen more than its share of people falling in love. It is true that love can strike anywhere at any time, but in Resurrection there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to who is targeted by Cupid’s arrows.

A case in point is that of two total strangers that had unrelated business in Resurrection and yet almost instantly fell head over heels for one another. Everyone who was a witness to their first meeting can attest that they were confused by the behavior of these two people as they introduced themselves to each other. The first to arrive in the square outside of the Howler House Inn and Tavern was Mirabelle, also known as Mirabelle of the Mountain. She lived a simple life at the foot of the tallest mountain in the little region known as Riesenwald. She had an affinity for the many creatures that called Riesenwald home and had been asked by a ranger named Butch from Maelonbourg to inquire if any of these creatures would be willing to help with a fight that was brewing against Lotharingia. Mirabelle had made the requests on behalf of this ranger and was now here in Resurrection to deliver the results.

Mirabelle had no sooner delivered the answers from Riesenwald when a nobleman in golden armor rode in with a handful of his troops as an escort. He removed his helm and got off of his horse. He never took his eyes off of Mirabelle, and Mirabelle met his gaze unerringly. He had hair almost the same shade of red as her own, with a thick beard that any dwarf would envy. His eyes were ice blue and seemed to be peering directly into her soul. Somebody tried to get her attention and Mirabelle held up her finger and shushed them. She and the bearded man in gold armor walked up to one another, almost warily, as if they were using all of their senses to take in every detail of the person they were focused on.

“I am Mirabelle from Riesenwald.” She said in a fairly quiet voice.

“I am Baron Klaproth of Cottage Meadow in Limbourg.” He said in an equally calm and low tone.

“Well met, good sir.” Mirabelle said with a slight smile.

“Would you join me for dinner someplace?” asked Klaproth.

“It would be an honor.” Answered Mirabelle.

Klaproth offered his arm, and Mirabelle slid her arm through it and off they went down the street. The people that had been with them in the square watched dumbfounded and then looked at one another as if to ask, “now what?” For Mirabelle and Klaproth, they had their answer. This had been a golden opportunity and they had taken it.