Continental Excursions; The Illyrian League

The thirteen city-states that comprise the Illyrian League are scattered over the rough lands in the far southeast corner of the continent of Partum. With thousands of islands and hundreds of towns and cities under their control the Illyrian League are major merchants and traders. With a powerful combined navy, the forces of the Illyrian League have successfully resisted invasion by the numerically superior armies of the Torkan Caliphates to the east. A number of islands right off of the coast of the caliphates belong to the Illyrians and with such a threat so close to them the Torkans view the Illyrians with great suspicion and hostility.

As rugged as the region is it is no surprise that the Illyrian League has a number of homegrown monsters and threats. There is a great need for adventurers in all of the city-states and the respective rulers of these areas are also on the lookout for capable fighters to bolster their own militias. The money for these duties can be quite lucrative, and while the thirteen city-states might not always see eye-to-eye on the issues they are confronted with there is broad support for fighting any incursions from Brendelasia, the Sikilian Confederation, or the Torkan Caliphates. Surrounded as they are with enemies the Illyrians often go far afield to find allies. Their closest ally for the last several hundred years has been the wealthy city of Kugahloo, and by extension any realm that does business with that opulent metropolis.

As of now the Illyrian League is watching the rise of the Fourth Imperium warily. They had a reasonably good relationship with several of the Forkanzan city-states due to trade and a mutual hatred of the caliphates, but it has yet to be seen of the newly united Forkanzan peninsula will continue these connections.