The Bishop’s Episode

Bishop Zedem Malroy of Bozageest was a busy gnome lately. He had been traveling all across Oublier to make sure that the new chapels and churches in the duchy were being properly operated, and then had to be back in Bozageest to conduct weekly worship services. In addition to this he was one of Duchess Drndyllyn’s closest advisors. Drndyllyn had been going through a rough patch with the arrest and execution of her fiancĂ© on the eve of her wedding and all of the drama that that entailed. There had been a lot going on in this portion of the Archduchy of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand in the last few months.

When Bishop Malroy stepped into the sanctuary of the cathedral which had been converted from the old orcish temple that had been here for a couple hundred of years and almost immediately passed out in front of the startled congregation, it was assumed that the poor gnome was simply exhausted. Two acolytes raced forward and gathered the bishop up and quickly carried him back into his vicarage. They told one of the attendants to fetch help and set about making Zedem comfortable on his bed.

After removing his clerical attire and making sure the bishop wasn’t overheated or having difficulty breathing the acolytes stood back and made room for Father Zokorias to examine the gnome. Zokorias was a goblin, one of the first goblinoids native to Oublier to convert and embrace the teachings of the Church of Chute de l’Ombre. Zokorias rolled up the long sleeves of Bishop Malroy’s undershirt and with a damp towel began mopping the gnome’s forearms and forehead.

Zedem began to come around and fluttered his eyes as if trying to focus on what he was seeing. “What happened?” he asked groggily.

One of the acolytes stepped forward and said, “You fainted, excellency. Right after you had entered the sanctuary. We brought you in here and called for Father Zokorias.”

The goblin smiled at the bishop and said softly, “Are you feeling alright, your eminence?”

Zedem looked at his bare arms and let out a gasp. “My arm!” he exclaimed.

Father Zokorias said, “Did you hurt it when you fell? There doesn’t seem to be anything broken. You are lucky that like me you don’t have far to fall when you get dizzy.”

The bishop shook his head. “No, it doesn’t hurt anymore. It had, but….” his voice trailed off.

The goblin patted the bishop’s leg and said, “I think you just need a rest. Everyone knows how busy you have been. Your body is only now expressing its exhaustion. I’ll go conduct the worship service and afterwards arrange for more of the clerics and priests in the parish to step up and cover your schedule. Give it a couple of days.”

Bishop Malroy looked somewhat confused but nodded his head in agreement. Another acolyte brought in a pitcher of water and some food. After assuring themselves that their boss was alright, they left him to rest. Sitting alone in his room Bishop Malroy ate some and had some water. For the first time in years his head was clear. He took a number of deep breaths. Pulling the blanket up under his chin Zedem closed his eyes and fell into a perfectly restful slumber.