It Takes a Villain (Part 1)

Once more Gilla had found a way to insinuate herself into yet another scheme by the rulers of Maelonbourg. She was going to need as much help as she could get for this one, though. The gang of adventurers known as “the Troublemakers” were the most powerful nobles in the archduchy and included Archduke Xan himself. Due to a misadventure a few weeks ago, these bold heroes now found themselves in dire need of something they didn’t have ready access to, a trio of mystical Pearls of Githarm. They managed to scrounge up one that was in the possession of one of the Troublemakers, Duchess Seraphina Thorngage, but they still needed two more. Gilla agreed to try and acquire them and negotiated the price of 400,000gp and the crown of the Viceroy as payment.

Gilla had an inkling as to how to get these coveted jewels, but it was going to take a lot of manpower to pull it off. Immediately after making the deal with Seraphina, Gilla headed out and started spreading the word among her contacts to gather up and get ready for a fight. With nothing much else going on Gilla felt it reasonable that everyone she could count on ought to show up. The meeting place was set up at the sprawling home of Lendler Giftmördun in Oublier. This would allow them a measure of security and also a place they could easily come and go from without attracting attention. Everyone was to meet up in four days’ time and from there they would finalize their plans and make their move.

Gilla was the first to arrive and found that Lendler and his clan were more than willing to help. Their role wasn’t crucial in the opening stages, but they would be key to ensuring the success of the plan. The next to arrive were two hooded swamp orcs who seemed to be in something of a hurry to get this over with before they were missed. A large group of dark elves in the company of Baron Chaverin the drider and September the priestess arrived and were the most energetic and enthusiastic about Gilla’s idea. The last to arrive were Elliott the huntsman and two elves in hooded cloaks that carried the most exquisite composite short bows. They had brought along with them two xvarts who introduced themselves as Spindler and Ponce, purveyors of fine things. This was the group that was going to set out to see if they could get the roses of Githarm to bloom in order to harvest the pearls inside.

Nobody had ever tried to do this specifically for this goal. The roses of Githarm only ever sprang up when a great evil was vanquished. They immediately bloomed, revealing a pearl inside each rose, and then just as quickly disintegrate. It was considered a bonus reward for the defeat of wickedness and the heightening of virtue. But this was not a group that cared particularly for the destruction of wrongdoers as much as they wanted to get the rewards. There was a chance that this entire scheme would fail simply because their motives weren’t pure, but that was a chance that Gilla and her cohorts were prepared to take if it meant a major windfall of wealth.

The next step after agreeing on a course of action was to select a target. While there were several to choose from, Gilla cackled and held up a golden staff with a large green stone mounted on the top. “I’ve already chosen our prey.” she said, still cackling. “I even know where she is. We just have to get there.”

There was considerable murmuring among the group before one of the hooded elves asked, “And where exactly is our prey?”

Gilla held the staff in both hands and said, “Tabeetha says that our foe is in Haven. Specifically, the portion that lies opposite Forêt Verte. Anyone have a plan to get us all there?”

September smirked and said, “I think I might have a notion about that.”