It Takes a Villain (Part 2)

The combined group was too big for what Gilla had in mind, so it was imperative for them to decide who was going to go along on this adventure. Gilla was for sure going, and she needed September and Baron Chaverin to use their spellcraft to get the group to and from their destination in Haven. The two jorish huntsmen from Chute de l’Ombre and the two shadow elves were integral to the destruction of their target. Spindler and Ponce, the two xvarts were going to help bring back any loot along with Elliott the huntsman. Lendler was taking some of his clan to help with any additional work that needed to be done, so he selected his younger brother Galen, two of his nephews, Lucian and Azriel, and his own youngest son, Gerard. Altogether the group was sixteen members strong. They selected the gear they would need and headed out to Forêt Verte.

The two shadow elves had brought along a quiver of ten arrows that they split between themselves and the two jorish huntsmen. The goblinoids were each entrusted with two of these arrows, and the shadow elves each took three. The two xvarts had five enchanted bags that they handed out to Lendler and his kinfolk. The rest of the group took enough stores and provisions to last for a few days. Most of their time would be spent in this plane of existence. They were going to travel as far as they could before crossing over into Haven because there were just too many unknowns in that demi-plane to risk everyone’s lives.

The first day of travel went well and the group made excellent time. The second day was just as good, and they arrived near the shattered remains of Untote Druuna’s lair about midafternoon. The group had decided to halt about three miles from their ultimate destination before crossing over. This would allow them to scout the area in Haven and possibly give them a chance to surprise Untote Druuna who now resided blissfully in Haven’s version of Forêt Verte. All along the way Gilla had been in contact with Tabeetha, and Tabeetha had been lurking close to Untote Druuna for days now in order to keep Gilla and the rest of the group informed.

Gilla handed the golden staff that had previously been wielded by the Viceroy to September, the dark elven priestess. The drow admired the craftsmanship of the staff, and especially the beauty of the green stone on the top. “This will get us to where we need to be, but we will have to double up. Baron Chaverin, you are going to need to take seven and I will take seven.”

September held one end of the staff, and Chaverin took hold of the other. Joining hands together the group formed a figure eight and the drow priestess and drider began casting their Plane Shift spells. The sixteen adventurers began to fade from view in the forest of this world and reappeared in the demi-plane of Haven. They took a look around, and the two jors polymorphed into crows to fly around and take a look at what was going on. Gilla looked at her hands and realized she wasn’t in her human form, but instead was in her natural night hag form.

Elliott took a long look around and let out a low whistle. The colors weren’t as sharply defined here, but the trees and terrain looked about the same. It was a little creepy. “This isn’t good.” he muttered. “I’ve seen good before, and it didn’t look anything like this.”