Tragallia, also known around Renatus as “Gilla”, was having a difficult time sorting out what all she had missed out on in the last ten months. Being sent back to her native realm of the Gray Wastes was bad enough, but when she was finally able to return she discovered a lot had happened in her absence. First on her mind was trying to adapt to it being called the Archduchy of Renatus instead of the Archduchy of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand. This wasn’t the foremost thing on her mind, to be sure, but it was frequently brought up by those around her as she kept using the older, more familiar title.

The night hag was doing what she could to try and help the Fellowship of Fiends recover from what had been a terribly difficult year. Recently the Duchess of Maelonbourg had lost the only spellcaster in her employment, the roguish wizard named Melandrach. This left the duchess with nobody to control her communication orb, and as the one person in the realm charged with knowing what was going on in the surrounding nations this was unacceptable. Tragallia therefore made it one of her primary goals in the short term to find somebody that the duchess could rely on to carry on Melandrach’s duties. To further this notion she sent word out to the remaining fiends to keep their ears to the ground and see what they could learn.

Not surprisingly the response she got from one of the members of the fellowship did nothing to ease her mind. Moak, a jorish huntsman that served part time as an enforcer for the Marquis of Chute de l’Ombre and had recently earned his own title as the Baron of Turkia in the nearby Duchy of Foret Verte, sent word that the duchess was likely soon to have an able assistant capable of running a communication orb. Tragallia had pressed Moak for more information, but all she got in response was “Rumor has it that Duchess Thorngage is getting a lot more help in the near future.”

Tragallia had depended heavily on others among the Fellowship of Fiends to do their part in making sure things ran smoothly and now she found it frustrating to be doing more of the work herself. Moak didn’t make her apprehension any less awkward when he suggested that maybe the change in fortune for the Duchess of Maelonbourg would mean a significant boost for Tragallia as well. “After all, the tales going ’round are she is fixing to marry the infamous prince of the thieves.” said Moak with a sly grin. “There isn’t anybody better than ‘im for gathering information.”

While Tragallia wasn’t herself opposed to Duchess Thorngage getting married, it was a bit of a shock that it would be to a thief who apparently had an even greater reputation for crime than the duchess did. Or so Tragallia assumed. She had to take Moak’s word for it because she had no idea who in the seven layers of hades he was talking about.