Heir to the Throne

Queen Reichsha and her husband, Archibald, are blessed with a reasonably large family. For the first time in generations, the monarch of Slothjemia has produced multiple children, allowing a breadth of security for those concerned with succession. Multiple times in Slothjemia’s history there was grave doubt that the line would continue in a strictly linear fashion, and many cousins near and far began to rub their hands in greedy anticipation. This, however, is not one of those moments in time.

The next ruler of the Slothjemian Empire will be the crown princess Katherina, who is already married and has a family of her own well under way. Every time there is an announcement about still another child to be expected in Katherina’s home, a sigh of resignation can be heard in the chambers of her own siblings. Her brother Kolder, two years her junior, is a very ambitious paladin who followed in his father’s footsteps, and helps to govern their lodge. Another brother, Archibald III, also became a paladin, but with an eye for questing and adventure. His twin sister, Lersha, is almost never seen in public, and conspiracists whisper that she might be more treacherous than her siblings. The youngest of Reichsha’s children is Bortimer, and he is nearly as enigmatic as his sister Lersha. Truth be told, the only one that anyone really pays attention to is Katherina, and the rest of them are perfectly fine with that arrangement.