Notable NPCs; Princess Shar Lersha Queliendy von Slothjem of the Midnight Skull and the Arcane Fellowship

Lersha is one of the most enigmatic of the quite large and ever-expanding Slothjemian royal family. Her middle name comes from the powerful sister of King Manfriedreich II who wielded a great deal of authority behind the scenes of her brother’s reign and Lersha is similarly inclined to move things along from the safety of the shadows. In outward appearances Lersha appears to be a somewhat dark-skinned human woman of exotic and exquisite features. The only hint of her being anything else are her eyes; they are uniformly black with no white or other color, just jet black eyes with no visible pupils. In darkness her eyes will normally glow a soft red color, but using sorcery Lersha can manipulate these colors at will. For much of her life she has quite stubbornly clung to obscurity even as she performed her military service and now lives amid the bustle and chaos of the capital. Inquiries into her private life are met with stony silence, a chilling glare, and more than likely a knee in the groin. She doesn’t confide in anyone, even the Phantom Legion personnel assigned to keep her safe.

The life of these bodyguards is spectacularly dull, too. Lersha has no trouble defending her own self and has made no secret of her disdain for anyone that thinks otherwise. She has the skills of an accomplished warrior due partly to her service in the navy, but also due to having three brothers that she has always felt needed to be properly terrorized. Lersha is also a formidable mage (she prefers the term “enchantress”) although she doesn’t seem to have ever had any formal training. Lersha leveraged her magical prowess into a role as a helmsman aboard spelljammers in the imperial fleet. This gave her the chance to travel extensively in wildspace and the ability to flex her muscles and still stay out of the spotlight. For her abilities and skill in the navy she was awarded the knighthoods of the Arcane Fellowship and the Midnight Skull. She also managed to win two Bravery medals, a Valor medal, and for superior leadership under fire she earned a Victory medal. In the navy she is something of a legend albeit one rarely spoken of while in her presence.

The most vexxing aspect of Princess Lersha is her complete and total unwillingness to settle on a choice for a husband. The royal family has never been big on arranged marriages even if they might be politically expedient. Lersha has a significant number of suitors and not a one of them has gotten beyond an introduction to the object of their desires. Lersha has a well-earned reputation for walking off in the middle of other people’s sentences, shushing them and flatly informing them to shut up, or on several occasions threatening violence or teleporting away. She is especially appealing to gentlemen that favor the more tribal aspects of Slothjemian life due to her unwillingness to be hemmed in or domesticated. No sooner is one man savagely turned aside than another steps forward to take his best shot. Lersha has spurned them all; the most terrifying huntsmen, the highest skilled of archer lords, the richest of the rural nobles, even foreign heads of state have all been humiliated by the fickle princess.

Someday no doubt it will be made clear that there is one man who will captivate the heart of Shar Lersha. He will have done nothing intentionally to get her attention, nor does he likely want it. But having chosen the fellow her soul deems worthy Lersha isn’t going to easily abandon her prey. And a man could do a lot worse than having Lersha by his side. He could be facing her in a fight, wondering how she bloodied his nose from across the room, why she is kicking him in the nuggets so angrily, and pondering whether or not she is going to stab him with the sword that just materialized in her hand.

Because Slothjemian women don’t play.