Notable NPCs; Styxia the Hag

Also known as the Crone of Slothenburg the ever-present green hag Styxia resides in a small hovel at the base of a grand swamp oak tree on a small island in the swamp near to the heart of the biggest city in Slothjemia. Her hovel predates most everything else in the Slothjemian Coreland and when the city of Slothenburg was under construction work was done all around the little island to avoid disturbing the hag. Serving as an all-purpose shaman for the various groups that were gathering to create a new country Styxia carved a niche for herself that nobody else has been able to elbow their way into. Styxia lives to divine and forecast and if the revelation she foresees interests her enough she won’t even demand compensation. If, however, the insights she sees do not give her particular satisfaction Styxia will demand money before she gives any declarations or prophesies.

Styxia has under her control a small army of dark creepers that scamper about running errands for their mistress and ferrying visitors to her island from a small dock in the under city. Styxia maintains a cloudy darkness that engulfs the base of her tree to give the creepers a measure of peaceful existence. However, the intensely foul body odor of the dark creepers is enough to make even Styxia queasy so she doesn’t allow them into her hovel at any time and they are rarely permitted to watch or take part in any of her divining rituals.

For especially challenging jobs Styxia will summon two other hags to form a covey. The two that she normally relies on are Rootie Marshbriar, another green hag that has a small farm down in the southern part of the Coreland swamp, and Gerda the Heft, an annis hag that keeps a lair in the rocky cliffs west of Lost Fen. She might also ask a sea hag named Verda (sometimes called Verdasquid) to participate if her particular skills are needed. Verda is the toughest to track down because she could be anywhere that the Jorillon River flows, even down to the sea. Should card reading be a requirement then Styxia will invite Madame Yrella, a green hag that travels a lot with the Deadling Brothers Bedlam and Breakage Circus, but spends the winters in Tinystadt. Once the covey is convened they have enormous divining magick at their disposal. They can also turn to enchantments and other such things, but for Styxia the allure has always been to know what the future has in store for other people.

Styxia will never under any circumstances leave her island. Anyone that wants to get her council has to make the trip to see her on her own turf. Some people suggest that this is due to a magical essence that is tied to her island, or perhaps her tree, that supplies the crone with her ability to foresee the future and divine the past for other people. Whatever the case Styxia will never be found wandering the swamps or forests of Slothjemia. If you want her skills, you know where to find her.